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Have a failed business or lost money in a bad deal? Feel like you're behind where you should be? Afraid or feeling exhausted when you think of starting all over again? Rosetta can help you pick yourself back up and get into the business and life you want.

  • Let go of the doubt and fear of past failures or setbacks and get back on track to living the life you want.
  • Learn the steps to redesign your mind, body & spirit for an incredible life!

When you are done, you will feel empowered to start over again despite your past and persist to the finish line!

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Meet Rosetta Q

Rosetta Q is the CEO of the Think & Grow Rich Caribbean Institute.  She is a Global Business Leader in 6 Countries.

Although, Rosetta is living her dream life now, it wasn't always that way. Starting from childhood, Rosetta found hope through visualization and make-believe, not knowing that this was a tool used by the wealthy to attract success. Rosetta matured throughout life and applied all the Think and Grow Rich principles to redesigned her life.

She is ready to help you experience the richness of life. Through her workshops and retreats you will:

  • Feel revitalized, motivated and ready to get back on the path to success.
  • Gain clarity of next steps and move forward.
  • Be equipped with the tools to create your best life in professional and personal success!

Take the things that you and other people have given up on to create the change you desire.

Redesign Your Life Jamaica 
February 16 - 23, 2020

Join me at Redesign Your Life Jamaica! The Island Retreat to ReSet, Refuel & RePosition Yourself for Success!

Get away and revitalize your mind, body & spirit and relaunch yourself into the life you desire.

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