Author - Life Redesigned Book

$2,337.30 USD

The author will have the choice to write their chapter themselves or request an interview-style method. 

If the author chooses to write their own chapter, they will have the opportunity to work with  editor and writing coach, Linsey Fischer, who will support the author on their journey. Each author will receive coaching calls, feedback notes, and recordings to use while working on their revisions, and ongoing support until your story is brought to light.

If the author chooses the interview-style, our editor, will ask you a series of questions in an interview. The call will be recorded and transcribed, so the editor can use the information to write your story for you! The interview style method is the perfect choice for non-writers who have a story to tell. 

Both methods, the author, will receive ongoing support and quality editing from an experienced team.

Paid in Full includes 10% Discount for Total price of $2337.30 USD

Story submission is subject to approval.

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